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Welcome to the Menger Boatworks Archives

Menger Boatworks was founded by Bill Menger in 1976. For nearly three decades Bill Menger built catboats on Long Island's south shore. The following historical archives are availablke for you to browse:


The Menger Catboat Tradition (from original website)
Bill Menger's Obituary, including a history of Menger Boatworks

Product Brochures

Original product brochures from the Menger Boatworks files describing the features and options for each of the sailboats built by Menger Boatworks are avilable for download in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) by clicking the titles below:

Photo Gallery

Coming Soon: A collection of photos of the various catboats built by Menger Boatworks.

Owner's Manuals

Our goal is to provide owner's manuals and other user documentation for all of the sailboats built by Menger Boatworks. Currently, the following documents are available:

Menger 23 Owner's Manual (46 pages, PDF)
Excerpts from Menger 19 Owner's Manual (15 pages, PDF)

Streaming Video

Excerpts from Menger Boatworks' promotional video, "Come Back to Sailing with Menger Cats" are available for veiwing. We hope to eventually bring you the complete video in enhanced resolution.

Come Back to Sailing with Menger Cats


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