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Come Back to Sailing with Menger Cats

Bill Menger had a video produceed to extol the virtues of the family of Menger catboats. It contains sailling footage of the Menger 19 and Menger 23 along with Bill's own descriptions of how to raise the tabernacle mast, raise the sail, reefing, handling weather helm, and other sailing techniques. The excerpts accessible on this page were digitized for the original Menger website in 1999, hence the small size and low resolution. We hope to make the entire video available in better resolution soon.

Choose the video on the left that you want to view by clicking on the image. The video clips range in size from 1 Mb to 5 Mb. They may take a minute or more to download depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Please be patient.

To view the clips you will need a QuickTime plug-in for your browser. If you don't have the free QuickTime plug-in for the Macintosh or Windows, click the QuickTime Required image below to access Apple's download page.



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