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We hope you find the following online resources relating to Menger Cats and catboats in general helpful. The links to external Web sites are provided as a courtesy. They should not be construed as an endorsement by or the Menger family of the external Web site, the content, opinons, information or products presented on the site, or of any of the employees of the sponsors of the site.

Associations and Organizations

The Catboat Association — Membership is open to all owners of catboats. Currently there are about 1,750 members world wide. The CBA holds its annual meeting in Newport, Rhode Island, sponsors races and rendezvous, publishes books and a newsletter, and maintains a website with losts of catboat resources.

Chesapeake Catboat Association — The CCBA has over 100 members and serves to provide a central point of contact for all Catboaters in the Chesapeake Bay. The CCBA website is also an excellent resource for catboat enthusiasts.

Online Forums and LISTSERVs

Catboat Forum — The Catboat Association sponsors a general catboat forum on their website. It includes several discussion groups on specific topics including boatbuiliding and maintenance, catboats for sale, and cruising and sailing.

Catboat Forum — sponsors a catboat forum dedicated for "catboat builders, owers, and lovers."

Catboat Forum — also sponsors a catboat forum "for discussing anything pertaining to Catboat-rigged sailboats."

Catboat LISTSERV — The Catboat Association runs a LISTSERV for catboat enthusiasts. Posts to the LISTSERV are sent via email to all of the members of the list. It is a great resource for getting quick answers to your questions from owners with many years of experience. This link provides information on how to join the LISTSERV.

Published Articles on the Web

Catboats Get the Vote — Originally published in March 2005 in Sail Magazine, this PDF compares several catboats including the Menger Cat 15 and Menger Cat 19.

Review: Menger 15 and 19 — This design review by Bob Perry off Sailing Magazine was first published in May 1992.

Sources for Used Menger Cats

CBA Cats for Sale — The Catboat Association newsletter contains a listing of catboats for sale by owner. The lisitng is reprinted on the CBA website.

CCBA Catboats for Sale — The Chesapeake Catboat Association also provides listings of member's catboats that are for sale.

Thompson Boatworks — Jerry Thompson, former general manager of Menger Boatworks, brokers used Menger Cats and is building the Thom Cat 15 and 19 using the original Menger Cat fiberglass molds. — This on-line resource offers classified ads for power boats and sailboats. After clicking this link, enter "Menger" into the manufacturer field and click the search button. — This website lists almost 100,000 used boats for sale. Boats listed are for sale by brokers and dealers (no for sale by owner allowed). Clicking this link will search for Menger Cats. — Provides listings of used boats from brokers and dealers worldwide. Clicking this link will narrow the search on to only Menger Cats.


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