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Welcome to is your Internet source for information about the boats built by Menger Boatworks between 1976 and 2005: Menger Cat 15, Menger Cat 17, Menger Cat 19, Menger Cat 23, and Oysterman. If you are a Menger Cat owner or are interested in purchasing a Menger Cat, please bookmark this website.

The Menger Boatworks Archives

We will be constantly adding materials to the Menger Boatworks Archives—historical data, vessel specifications, photographs, videos, original catalogs, user manuals, and more.

Menger Cat and Catboat Resources

Looking for information about catboats? Check out our resources page that lists links to catboat associations, forums, articles, and other sources.

Used Cats

Looking for a used Menger Cat? Check out what's available at Thompson Boatworks.

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